2017: Direct Mail Campaigns

Full Service Direct Mail Campaign Management

Full Service Direct Mail is a 12-DIRECT farming campaign that you can put on auto-pilot. We’ll setup a custom direct mail template for you that can be branded for Keller Williams or reflect your personal brand. Each month you’ll receive a proof of the piece before it’s submitted to print / post. Ask us about your postage options – we can send on your behalf via First Class Mail or Every Door Direct Mail.

Direct mail can be one of the more expensive advertising mediums that agents traditionally use. At The Flyer Box Club, we want you to spend smart, that’s why we’ve put together some tips that can help you with your direct mail campaigns. We understand that there are exceptions to every rule, and our approach isn’t meant to work for everyone, but based on our experience, this is what we recommend for most agents:

at The Flyer Box Club, we want you to spend smart…

  • First: Understand the Direct Mail Game

    Direct mail should be thought of as a 12-direct campaign. At Keller Williams, we define a 12-direct as 12 touches over 12 months – one touch per month. The return on direct mail is going to vary from area to area. Generally, the response rate to direct mail is quite low. You’re playing a numbers game with direct mail, and just like gambling, if you can’t afford to lose it, we don’t recommend that you gamble it. So the game with direct mail is to do it in such a way that gives you the greatest odds. That means volume and frequency should be high. In reality, it’s likely only going to take a single transaction to pay for the entire year of direct mail. Therefore, if you can’t commit to a full year of direct mail – so as to give you the best odds of seeing it pay off – then we suggest you find a marketing practice that is better suited for your level of tolerance.

  • Second: Define Purpose and Audience

    Is your purpose to stay top-of-mind with the people who already know you? Or are you trying to grow your database?

  • Third: Create Your Message

    There is an art to direct mail messaging. The message should be consistent and reflect your purpose as previously defined. Your call-to-action should be clear and easy to execute.

  • Four: Determine Delivery Method

    We offer three options for sending direct mail. How you answer the previous questions and your budget will determine how we send your mailings. Delivery options include First Class Mail, Bulk Mail, or Every Door Direct Mail. We can discuss the pros and cons of each option when planning your campaign.

But what about Just Listed / Just Sold postcards?

We like “Just Listed / Just Sold” postcards just fine…. as long as they are sent to a direct mail audience that you’re already sending your 12-direct to. It’s an extra touch and validates your expertise, but we do not recommend sending one-off postcards about a listing when you do not have or have not been building a relationship with the intended recipient.

Our Full-Service Direct Mail Campaigns include:

  • Initial Assessment and Direct Mail Strategy Meeting
  • Call-to-Action Message
  • Mailing Piece Template Design
  • (12) Graphic designs for the front side of your mailer each month
  • (12) Copy for the front side your mailer each month
  • 1 Draft and 2 revisions on each monthly mailer
  • Processing of print and postage for 12 mailers

Program Fee: $920 one-time or $79/month
Print and postage are billed separately and is contingent on the size of your database and delivery method.

Your responsibility each month:
• Provide any specific content (i.e. listing photo, market stats)
• Approve mailer proof
• Provide updated database in Excel format

Let’s Launch Your Campaign!

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