I realized that I’ve been terrible at communicating with you all. (Cobbler’s kids never have shoes!) I’m trying to course-correct by rolling out a 5 Point Friday email that I’ll send you each week. If I put it out there and give it a day to get done, then it will get done, right?!?! We’ll see.

This week in a nutshell….

  • Mood: pensive
  • Outlook on the future: nervous but optimistic
  • Frustration that I’m ashamed to express: how conversational the cashiers are at Whole Foods – I love that you love your job, but I’m tired and just want to pay and go home

and now the points….

* Last week was Mega Camp. If you’ve never been to Mega Camp – aside from Gary’s Market Update talk (available right now on the dashboard when you login to your mykw.kw.com) there are agents from around the county who get interviewed about what’s working in their business. If you were at the Austin Southwest Market Center team meeting this week then you heard me talk about my take-aways. If you missed team meeting then you can download those slide here. I tried to outline how we’re helping agents do the things that these top producers were talking about – and the cost to make it happen.

* I read a book this week called The Art of Explanation. I can’t say it was the best book I’ve ever read, but it’s a good one to have under your belt if you’re in any business that requires you to explain something (which is everyone, I think). Jump to the end….tell a good, organized story.

* Why do agents use open house or for sale signs that don’t have their own name and phone number on them? Why are they sending their leads to whomever is on phone duty? I don’t get it. Get yourself personalized signs.

* Thanks rain, you can go away now.

* Check out those slides from team meeting. One thing that I didn’t mention at team meeting is that if you aren’t ready to do a direct mail farm – one where you’re sending a direct mail piece every month (aka 12-direct) – look into a digital farm. Facebook / Instagram advertising is great for this kind of thing.

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