Marketing in a Digital World

Hi! I’m Erin. If we haven’t had the chance to meet, I’m the Director of MMS at The Flyer Box Club. What is our MMS Program? In a nutshell, it’s Marketing Made Simple. But MMS is only part of the marketing campaign necessary for today’s digital world.

Why do you need a marketing campaign, you ask?
When was the last time you thought about your marketing plan? Too many entrepreneurs begin their career with an idea; they build on that idea, equip themselves with the necessary tools and start doing business.

What is too often ignored, is an effective marketing campaign. You might have the best ideas in the world, but if you have no plans to inform the public, you’re stuck at square one. In order to sell houses, you have to sell yourself first.

What kind of marketing campaign do you need?
Think about your goals. The end game is of course, to sell houses and make a living. But how will you advertise yourself? The days of placing an ad in the yellow pages are long gone — and you are not a car salesman. It takes time to build and nurture clients and referrals.

Ask yourself these questions when thinking about your marketing campaign:
1. How do home buyers/sellers find me?
2. How do I want people to remember me?
3. Where do I keep my client/lead database?
4. How will I touch my database at least 33 times this year?
5. How will I generate new leads?

Once you’ve answered these questions for yourself, here are 5 must-have marketing basics you need to get noticed in today’s market:

1. A personal brand
2. A website that reflects your brand, generates traffic and captures leads
3. Active Social Media accounts, including a Facebook Business Page
4. An email campaign (and nurture/drip campaigns)
5. A healthy online presence – with sites like Yelp, Zillow and

You still need business cards and yard signs, but it’s not enough to convince the public you’re better than the rest, when the rest can be found at the touch of a button. The world of digital marketing can be overwhelming with so many options, but done correctly, it can be the most effective, timely and cost efficient method for you.

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