Professional Biography


As an integral part of building a unique brand, your professional biography is a prime opportunity to make a personal connection with your audience and prospective clients. Your biography is the perfect place for the reader to gain insights into your personality, expertise and experience.  Includes up to 2 revisions.

  • About You

  • Please provide the key points that you would like emphasized in your professional biography. You may want to include your professional accomplishments in real estate or in a past career, organizations of which you are a member, where you grew up, where you went to school and what you studied, your interests or hobby, why you have chosen a career in real estate.


Standard Bio
A professional bio is an important step in being perceived as a credible professional in your industry and is a significant tool in generating new clients. Just like any piece of marketing, it is part of your brand and should build a clients’ confidence in your ability to help them.

3-Tier Bio
Our 3-tiered system provides you different sets of copy to be used across multiple platforms: a micro-bio for social media, a mini-bio for a quick elevator pitch, and the full bio for places like your website and LinkedIn profile.