The Box

Life is busy. And your business relies on regular contact with a growing network. With The Box, it’s easier than ever before to hold yourself accountable in cultivating growth through client interaction. With simple solutions, delivered to your door in one convenient package, you’ll get professional grade door hangers, notecards, social media cards and more! We even include a Social Media and Capper tracker worksheet to help you stay on track. Whether you’re a new agent or a seasoned professional, The Box is your answer to the question, how do I make marketing simple?

  • Capper Tracker

    A convenient place to keep up with conversations, hand-written notes, contacts added to database, properties previewed, appointments and more. Corresponds with

  • Social Media Tracker

    An easy way to keep tabs on your social media activity – for novice and experienced social media users.

  • Notecards, Envelopes and Stickers

    Make your contacts feel special with a hand-written note. Your box includes blank, KW branded notecards with blank envelopes and KW stickers that remind your clients that you appreciate their referrals.

  • Follow Me Cards

    When you meet someone or send them a note, include a “Follow Me” card. These cards have a space for you to write your social media handles and KW mobile app address.

  • Door Hangers

    Leave no door un-knocked! Leave behind a KW branded door hanger that asks “Do you know what your home is worth?” These door hangers also have a space for you to attach your business card.